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Sensational Spring Wedding Ideas for 2012

If you're getting married in the spring of 2012, it's time to start your planning process! You've got to start thinking about colours, dresses, invitations, decorations, favours, and all the other innumerable little details that brides have to plan out before their wedding days. If you really want your wedding to be at the height of spring fashions, check out the current trends for early 2012 weddings that are coming down straight from the designers.

This Year, It's All in the Details

Many brides start drawing all their wedding inspiration straight from bridal gown designers, who are already coming out with their Spring 2012 lines of bridal gowns. This year, it's really all about details. Following earlier trends, asymmetrical lines will still be popular, both on necklines and in the skirts of dresses.

Right now, though, large ruffles are giving way to smaller details, such as little sprinklings of colour-on-colour ruffles and even three-dimensional appliqu├ęd flowers and petals. Many dresses are now overlaid in sheer fabrics to tone down the shine and shimmer of the fabric underneath, and we're seeing lots of floral accents at waistlines and necklines. Most of these dresses are fitted through long waists and rely on ruching and gathering to hide figure flaws.

The total effect of these dresses, many of which are breaking away from traditional styles with colours like light gray, pale peach, and ivory, is one of feminine detail. This attention to detail is spilling over into every other wedding trend for the spring of 2012.

It Starts with the Invitation

Your invitation is really what will set the tone for the rest of your wedding. No matter what your wedding ideas, the invitation needs to match. This spring, many invitations are playing off of those floral, feminine dress details with little details of their own. They are coming in all sorts of pastel colours, and the fonts tend to be script and embellished.

Sending invitations like these gives the idea that your wedding is going to be formal, elegant, and a little bit girly. Colours like pink are still in, but many invitations are veering towards a lighter pink on ivory paper. This is particularly fitting for spring weddings.

Hairstyles and More

Like wedding dresses, wedding hairstyles are getting more feminine. Long hair is back in fashion, and many brides are choosing to wear their long locks curled tightly and flowing down their backs. Veils add another element of texture to already girly wedding dresses, and they can add a sense of tradition to an otherwise trendy 2012 wedding ensemble.

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