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Bridesmaid Dress Trends for 2012

Looking for the perfect bridesmaid dresses for your 2012 wedding? Help is here! Find out about the latest bridesmaid dress trends for 2012 and outfit your attendants in style.

The trend for bridesmaid dress colors this year is bright. Popular shades include fuchsia, apple green, amethyst, yellow, and even clementine orange. Any of these would be fantastic colors for spring or summer weddings. Custom bridesmaid jewelry sets in coordinating hues make fabulous bridesmaid gifts. In the fall or winter months, expect to see more subdued colors and jewel tones appear in the stores for bridesmaid dresses.

Short and informal is a key trend for 2012 bridesmaid dresses. Floor length dresses are reserved for the most formal weddings. For spring or summer, opt for knee length dresses in a lightweight chiffon or organza. Twisted bodices and large self-fabric flowers are among the top embellishments for these shorter styles. Shimmery fabrics such as satin are in vogue for the fall and winter; as a bonus, they really show off a saturated hue. Short dresses are a great way to show off a fabulous pair of shoes, so ask each bridesmaid to choose a pair that she really loves.

Non-traditional frocks are very popular for 2012 weddings, as are mismatched sets of attendants. Give your bridesmaids a general direction and then let each woman pick the dress that makes her feel the prettiest. You could choose a color family, such as shades of green, or a style of dress such as knee length with a pattern. Or ask each attendant to select a vintage inspired dress from your favorite time period. Eclectic bridesmaid jewelry and cute shoes will complete the non-traditional style.

Twist wrap or convertible bridesmaid dresses are a growing trend for 2012. Bridesmaids absolutely adore the versatility of this dress design. Usually made of a fabric with a soft drape such as crepe or matte jersey, the dresses are made so that the bodices can be wrapped to create a wide range of necklines. The bride can choose a color and length, and from there each bridesmaid can personalize her dress however she likes. It is almost like getting a custom dress for each attendant. The matte jersey fabric also packs extremely well, making it a natural choice for any destination wedding.

Strapless styles will still be tops for 2012. In keeping with the general influence of the 1950s on bridal fashion, sweetheart strapless necklines are a key trend. They tend to be more flattering than the straight across strapless neckline, and add a nice detail to even the simplest dress. For those who prefer to avoid strapless for their bridesmaids, bateau necklines (also a 1950s influence) are also in style. There are still some one shoulder styles in the stores, but this is a trend on the downhill side.

Without a doubt, there are many fantastic choices for 2012 bridesmaid dresses. Now if you can only get all of your friends to agree on one dress.

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